All of the jewelry sold by Eaton—Eger Goldsmiths is hand fabricated in our studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The pieces shown on this website are images that are representative of the items we have for sale; however each piece of jewelry we make is individual and will vary slightly one from another.

We welcome any requests for combinations of metals or stones. Many of the designs shown are priced with a variety of different stones; the following list is of stones that we generally use in our designs. The prices for these stones will vary depending on availability.

Spectrolite / Garnet / Amethyst / Opal / Moonstone / Turquoise / Lapis Lazuli / Hematite / Peridot / Sapphire / Ruby / Green & Pink Tourmaline / Jade / Amber / Carnelian / Rutilated Quartz

Please call us or email us if you have any questions; one of the pleasures of the internet is that we can establish a closer contact with our clients and collectors.

Also contact us if you have an idea for a special piece. We can provide a sketch and an estimate of the price for you.