About the artists

Bob and Diane

Bob Eaton and Diane Eger started their custom jewelery business fifteen years ago. They met in a small mountain town in Colorado and moved to Santa Fe in 1987. Bob Eaton was born in Ann Arbor , Michigan and attended Eastern Michigan University. Bob moved to Colorado and worked as a precision machinist. He became attracted to the flexibility and creativity of jewelery and began designing and making jewelery twenty years ago. Diane Eger was trained in the performing arts and has an M.A. from the University of Illinois. Her fine art background includes art history studies at the University of Munich in Germany, traveling and observing dance and visual arts in Europe, the Middle East and India. She began working in crafts as a weaver and then switched to working with metal. Eaton—Eger are represented in 30 galleries throughout the U.S. When not making jewelery, Bob and Diane spend their time hiking in the mountains, woods and deserts of the Southwest.

Show Booth

Bob and Diane's display booth